Don Shaffer has served as president & CEO of RSF Social Finance since 2007. He grew up in central New Jersey, and comes from a long ancestry of Quaker farmers and small business people in and around Philadelphia. He graduated from Cornell University with a degree in American History. Don has been a social entrepreneur for many years, growing a for-profit education business, a software company, and a sporting goods manufacturer, in addition to a non-profit, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. As leaders in social finance, Don and the team at RSF seek to transform the way the world works with money. In a world where our financial system can be described as complex, opaque, and anonymous, based on short-term outcomes, RSF is constantly asking the question, “How can we model financial transactions that are direct, transparent, and personal, based on long-term relationships?” RSF’s total assets have grown 40% in the past three years, to over $160 million. The organization has made $275 million in loans since 1984, with a 100% repayment rate to investors, and facilitated $100 million in grants. RSF has incubated, sponsored, and influenced many of the most innovative organizations in the social venture field. Don lives in Berkeley, California with his wife Jennifer and their two children, Sabine and Samuel.