Stuart Williams has spent most of his career building stakeholder value for the companies he has worked for and/or owned, resulting in successful exits totaling over $900M in equity value. At the age of 30 Stuart became a serial entrepreneur dedicated to leveraging the experiences he has gained through his business and personal failures and successes to effect change in people's lives. Today, Stuart has formed the Alabaster Jar Foundation to mobilize the collaborative strength of consumers, investors & businesses to massively disrupt the current definition of wealth. He believes this will result in communities and economies where capitalism produces equal returns for all stakeholders - the environment, employees, communities, supply chains and financial. His vision is a global economy driven by people living, working and investing in the community formed by the Convergence of environmental conservation, conscious investing, enhanced corporate stewardship and social justice. He is working toward building a community where capitalism is embraced because it produces equal returns for all stakeholders, the social fabric of our societal ecosystems are revived, humanitarian and environmental inequalities are eradicated, and our imperative environmental ecosystems are regenerated and thrive.