Jason Franklin first got involved in social change work when he founded Oregon Students Supporting Education in high school. Convinced he’d spend his life as an organizer & activist, he studied politics in DC and worked in the Clinton Administration on AIDS policy and then doing local advocacy to modernize DC's deteriorating public school buildings. Then his life took a turn into the philanthropic world after unexpectedly discovering his family had a small family foundation when he was 22 years old. From there, he got very involved in philanthropy and donor organizing and today his professional, academic and volunteer time are all connected in different ways to using philanthropy to support social change. Professionally, Jason serves as Executive Director of Bolder Giving and works to encourage people from all backgrounds to “Give More, Risk More, Inspire More.” Academically, he is an award-winning Lecturer on Public Administration and also a doctoral candidate at New York University where his research and teaching focus on the role of philanthropy in policy change. As a volunteer, he currently serves as a board member of the North Star Fund, Proteus Fund, and the 21st Century School Fund