Alanna Hartzok holds degrees in psychology and is a highly trained psycho-spiritual therapist who now serves as International Outreach Coordinator for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, Founder/Co-Director of Earth Rights Institute, also the General Secretary and UN NGO Representative for the International Union for Land Value Taxation. Her book The Earth Belongs to Everyone received The Radical Middle Book Award. She was a candidate for US Congress (Green Party) in 2001. Under contract with UN Habitat Agency and with input from 24 policy experts from nine countries she developed the Land Rights and Land Value Capture online course (900 people enrolled from 95 countries, now under renovation at Replay links to the five-part teleseminar series (14 speakers including Kevin Annett) she produced last year titled Sustainable Economics for the 21st Century at the Earthrights website along with her book (PDF) and other writings in Publications / Articles. In 2011 Alanna received the International Earth Day Award.