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Geneen Roth
Best-selling Author
Vicki Robin
International Bestselling Author of Your Money or Your Life, Visionary
Gay Hendricks
Bestselling Author & Personal Growth Pioneer
Riane Eisler
Social Scientist, Speaker, Author including Bestseller The Chalice and the Blade
Hazel Henderson
Founder and President of Ethical Markets Media, Award Winning Author
Barbara Stanny
Financial Therapist, Public Speaker
Marcia Wieder
Founder of Dream University, Former President of National Association of Women Business Owners
Jan Masaoka
CEO of California Association of Nonprofits, Publisher of Blue Avocado Magazine
Alisa Gravitz
President and CEO of Green America
Katie Teague
Ninja Storyteller, Storm Cloud Media
Amethyst Wyldfyre
Internationally known Speaker, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Artist
Marilyn Levin
Managing Director of Spreading KINS Division of Green America
Cliff Feigenbaum
Founder and Managing Editor of GreenMoney Journal and
Patricia Aburdene
Best-sellling Author, Global Speaker, Teacher of conscious capitalism
Deborah Price
Author, Money Coach and CEO/Founder of the Money Coaching Institute
Amy Paulson
Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Gracias Foundation
Stuart Valentine
Registered Rep Financial West Group, PAM Group Member, Owner Centerpoint Investing Strategies
Steve Schueth
President of First Affirmative Financial Network
Leslie Danziger
Co-Chair of Ethical Markets Media Research Advisory Board
Katherine Collins
Founder and CEO of Honeybee Capital, Author
Stuart Williams
Founder, Endobility, Executive Director, Alabaster Jar Foundation
Don Shaffer
President & CEO of RSF Social Finance
Janice Stieber Rous
Creator of BODY DIALOGUE, Co-Founder of the wisdom exchange
Nona Jordan
Master Certified Coach, Advanced Energy Worker, Former CPA, and Creator of Get Right with Money
Jessica Reagan Salzman
Professional Bookkeeper, Heart Based Bookkeeper, Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Ben Saltzman
Executive Coach and Teacher at Inner Light Ministries
Jason Franklin
CEO of Bolder Giving, NYU Adjunct Professor of Philanthropy
Jonah Wittkamper
Co-Founder and Global Director of Nexus
Galia Gichon
CEO of Down to Earth Finance
Birju Pandya
Investment Professional, Practitioner of Small Acts of Kindness
Josh Becker
Founder of Full Circle Fund, CEO of Lex Machina
Jenny Kassan
CEO of Cutting Edge Capital, Partner in Katovich & Kassan Law Group
Alanna Hartzok
Co-Founder of the Earth Rights Institute
Lion Goodman
Co-Founder of The Tribe of Men, Creator of The BeliefCloset Process, Transformational Coach
Eva Camp
Board Member of Full Circle Fund
Paul Shoemaker
Executive Connector of Social Venture Partners

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Transform Your Relationship with Money for True
Financial Abundance

Money can be a source of deep pain and anxiety.

The good news is... it can also be a source of authentic empowerment and a tool for growth and connection.

Most likely, you are all-too-familiar with the common challenges that rob you of your ability to feel like you have the upper hand in your relationship with money:

  • Roller-coaster finances
  • Limited resources for your real passions
  • Long hours at a soul-less job
  • Conflicts with loved ones
  • Inherited stories of guilt, fear and scarcity
  • Derailment of your life’s mission
  • Disconnect between personal and shared prosperity
  • Economic models based on self-interest
  • Confusion around investments that help the world

So, what if you could transform your unhealthy patterns around finances into positive, effective and sustainable practices for true financial abundance – both individually and collectively?

You can. The Health Money Summit will give you inside access to 30+ of the world’s leading experts in the fields of finance, economics, psychology and spirituality – who will share the deepest truths behind success, power and happiness – as it relates to money.

The information and guidance in this series can be applied to people in every financial stage or situation. Whether you’re:

  • Struggling to pay your basic bills each month
  • Ready to grow your money to support your passions and life purpose
  • Financially stable and want to invest in causes that benefit the world

Every one of the speakers in this Healthy Money Summit is a shining example of the positive impact you can make – and the financial success you can have – when you create a healthy relationship with money. You’ll learn powerful practices for achieving your financial goals by integrating personal prosperity with collective abundance.

Successful experts like these regularly engage in continual learning. They do everything they can to increase their knowledge, and integrate new information that can assist them in the growth of their individual wealth – while also contributing to their communities, and the world at large.

And, that’s what the mentors in the Healthy Money Summit will help you do, too. You’ll hear from some of the world’s leaders on topics from personal finance to local living economies to new paradigm economics.

Here are some of the ways you – and our world – will benefit from the Healthy Money Summit:

  • Increase personal and shared wealth.
  • Transform scarcity into abundance.
  • Support your passions, values and life purpose.
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships.
  • Connect deeply with your community.
  • Get inspired by cutting-edge economic models.
  • Be empowered as a philanthropist.
  • Invest in our planet’s future.

Check out what people all over the world are saying about past Shift Network money and business summits:

“[The] class helped me to identify core beliefs that were negatively affecting not only my relationship to money, but all the relationships in my life. I have integrated new practices to manifest expansive opportunities. My head is clear, and my heart is wide.”
– Stacey Murphy

“I want to thank...The Shift Network for making this personal shift into abundance possible for us all. I am truly amazed and awed when I see all the abundance that has opened up in my life...”
– Cecilia Gotherstrom

Healthy Money Summit Training Sessions
What You’ll Learn in This Transformational Program:


Hosted by Edward Mills

Take a close look at the unhealthy narratives and values you’ve inherited around money through your upbringing and society. In the process, you’ll learn how to shift your internal stories from those of fear and scarcity to more positive perspectives – like abundance and collective prosperity.

Sessions include:

  • Being Paid Well for Doing What You Love with Marcia Wieder
  • Let's Talk About Money - The Five Sacred Acts for Coming into Right Relationship With REVENUE for Empowered Messengers with Amethyst Wyldfyre
  • Adventures In Conscious Business with Gay Hendricks
  • Your Beliefs About Money Could Prevent You From Having Some with Lion Goodman


Hosted by Bari Tessler

Implement specific actions that will help empower you in your relationship with money. You’ll also discover practical tools and insightful money mapping techniques, as well as support for couples in resolving conflicts around finances.

Sessions include:

  • How Food and Money Interconnect In Our Lives with Geneen Roth
  • Financial Harmony for Couples: Healing Your Money Dynamics with Ben Saltzman & Deborah Price
  • Revolutionizing Women's Relationship with Money with Barbara Stanny
  • Mapping Your Ultimate Financial Path: Money Practices for Success with Nona Jordan, Jessica Reagan Salzman & Galia Gichon


Hosted by Stephen Dinan

Learn about how new models of economic exchange are shifting how we think about wealth. You’ll see how to expand your vision of the wealth that is available to you by breaking down the barriers between people. We’ll be exploring the areas of shared community wealth, reconnecting to our collective prosperity and the power we have for investing into co-op movements.

Sessions include:

  • Relational Eating with Vicki Robin
  • The Art of Money with Bari Tessler Linden
  • Designing for Inner Transformation with Birju Pandya
  • Community Capital for Social Enterprises with Jenny Kassan
  • The Evolution of Economics with Alanna Hartzok


Hosted by Susan Davis

A consensus has now emerged that global economics must give equal weight to seven outcomes – a more just and equitable economic system, healthy jobs for employees, policies that recognize the enormous value of the unpaid care work primarily done by women, healthy relationships between corporations, suppliers and supplier chains, reasonable returns to investors, sustainable and safe products for consumers and restoration of Earth that supports us. As the interests of these stakeholders comes into balance, conscious collaboration replaces insensitive competition globally. On Day 4, learn from financial leaders how you can help positively shift the economy to support the most powerful sustainable efforts taking place globally.

Sessions include:

  • Transforming Financial Education with Katie Teague & Leslie Danziger
  • Women Transforming Finance with Hazel Henderson & Riane Eisler
  • Transforming Sustainability to Thrivability with Alisa Gravitz & Stuart Williams
  • Philanthropists Transforming Finance and the World with Marilyn Levin & Janice Stieber Rous


Hosted by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson

Discover an inner, reflective process and simple steps you can take to grow your money and help transform the world. Learn how you can strategically align your investments with your values and higher purpose. Explore the latest, surprising trends in sustainable and conscious investing from acclaimed experts and pioneers of the movement.

Sessions include:

  • Mindful, Conscious Investing with a Global Impact with Gordon Davidson & Hazel Henderson
  • The Latest Trends Worldwide in Impact Investing with Cliff Feigenbaum & Steve Schueth
  • Integral Investing Based on Intuition and Natural Principles such as Biomimicry with Katherine Collins & Stuart Valentine
  • Conscious Money and Integrated Capital with Don Shaffer & Patricia Aburdene


Hosted by Devaa Haley Mitchell

Learn how to own your identity as a philanthropist, regardless of how much money you have. Inspiring speakers will be sharing stories about their personal efforts at different levels of philanthropy. They will show you exactly what you can do to make a difference.

Sessions include:

  • Give More. Risk More. Inspire More. with Jason Franklin
  • Leveraging Your Investment & Talent Through Giving Circles with Josh Becker, Eva Camp & Paul Shoemaker
  • Redefining Wealth with Jonah Wittkamper
  • Volunteering Your Time, Your Mind and Your Heart (It's Often More Valuable Than $$) with Jan Masaoka & Amy Paulson


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More Praise for The Shift Network’s Money
and Business Summits:

“Great work .... Synergy and co-creation leap from every session, giving us great hope for a thriving future.”
– Robin Lincoln Wood

“I have collected more resources this week than in a month’s worth of reading. I have been able to stay on the lectures through the recordings and during my travel. When is the next event?”
– Andres Traslavina

“Truly inspirational, and I’m energized to raise my own consciousness and awareness and share what I’ve learned with others. Thank you so much for this wonderful GIFT.”
– Therese Pope